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Psychosophy - The Soul of Wisdom


The four axioms of Psychosophy:


-- Existence is a complex system that has relationships and connections with other complex systems.


-- Every relation is a form of partial knowledge; all knowledge is partial and absolute.


-- Creative action: Perceiving the accidental and random as necessary and essential (trying to understand the incomprehensible through the even-less-comprehensible).


-- Affirmation, or “leap of faith”: Unconditional acceptance.


Psychosophy is a method of thought that wishes to trace and tap into the “soul of wisdom.” A contemporary, unique and original way of thinking organized as a game, that wishes to challenge the philosophical, mental, and spiritual realms of thought. Psychosophy offers an imagined space – expropriated, autonomous, and autarkic – where thought can be free and tangible to practice, produce meaning and value through contact. 

Psychosophy wishes to shift the perspective that puts human beings at the center. Humans are indeed the source of thoughts but not their owners. Nature itself, all of it, is a space of thought, in which humans take part. The way to meet the soul of wisdom is to let thought play (“free play of the powers of the cognitive faculties”). To harness it to a purpose. Let it act, reveal its character and dimensions. After all, there is nothing like playing to fuel one’s desire.


The Psychosophy Cards wish to become a story, a destiny, a space of meaning, insight, and conversation. They wish to turn life into food for thought and thought into the food of life. Thought contains everything that can be thought. All that remains is to join it.


Psychosophy wishes to explore the unmediated connection between (creative) thought and the wisdom of nature, manifested in every passing and changing moment. Psychosophy assumes that we humans are not the only ones who think. In fact, nature itself is thinking, all the time. Humans are able to express the world’s thinking through creative action. In this sense, Psychosophy seeks to let thought deal with things in its own way. Through its own concepts, ideas and faculties. To train and practice thought, and with that, reveal its character, shape its soul. Above all, Psychosophy is a tool that allows one to meet the mindset of thinking about things.

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