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Welcome to the Psychosophy Cards website

The Psychosophy Cards are a powerful tool for facilitating profound conversations between people, about issues that are relevant to their lives in a personal and meaningful way. The cards were created for personal use – anyone can play and read the cards. However, they are also suitable for a wide range of social activities and possibilities, for any situation where thinking together is wanted and welcomed.

To get into the spirit of things, we recommend starting by opening one card each time (like in the I-Ching, the Chinese Book of Changes). This will help you to get the feel of the cards. You can think of a question before you choose a card, and you can open a card and read it as it is, a thought or you to ponder. Let your mind familiarize itself with the cards, their style, the associations they present and trace. Another option is to sit down with a friend, and try to read for one another, play together.

The cards encourage us to put things into words. First, to give words to our question, to share what troubles us. The cards unfold a space for thought and conversation where we can address things through a “mediating element.” What do they say? How do we understand them? How do they connect to the situation and what story do they weave as we read them? The cards thus allow us to practice acceptance, intervention, and decision-making – after all, it is us who chose them. And so, they are intended just for us, for this exact moment, in the context of the question we presented. The cards offer points of reference and anchors that help free the mind to contemplate what it needs, as it pleases.


The power of thought

The Psychosophy Cards are designed to stimulate and galvanize different thinking faculties simultaneously – you see and feel the image, interpret the symbols, decipher the concept, read the text, and merge them all together, organically, as only thought can.

This is a call to create our own story, to construct meaning, connect the dots and arrange them within the context of our life. From our own private and unique motivations and interests. For ourselves and in relation to others. To discover surprising new perspectives in our self-portrait, to allow the mind to wander beyond the familiar, and what it always-already knows. To generate logic by accepting the accidental as essential, the personal as common, in a way that exceeds the routine of everyday life.



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